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How do you catch lightening in a bottle? You partner with a great graphic designer. These artists can visualize and sculpt the essence of a business into a digital presence. And this is no easy feat. Truly exceptional graphic design isn’t just visually appealing, it is also communicative, inviting, and inspiring.

The bottom line is that Orange Tag Studios weaves design into a website that is not only exciting and beautiful but contributes to the execution of a business’ mission. Graphic design needs to be accessible, appropriate, and practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Logo Design

Did you know that logos are far more powerful than words? They are a language all their own and can set the tone for your marketing strategy. People see before they read and in seconds a logo can convey every hope and expectation your business has put forth into the world.

If your company lacks a clear logo or has been using the same logo for far too long, it’s time to invest in something new. It’s time to call Orange Tag Studios.

Brochures & Marketing Materials

If you are looking for consistency in marketing, there is no better way to keep your message streamlined than by having the same company develop your website, logo, and marketing materials. Orange Tag Studios can help you with that.

Image Editing

Did you catch that perfect moment in an image that’s almost perfect? Why settle? Orange Tag Studios can work with images to make sure they realize their full potential. Working with the latest technology in image enhancement, Orange Tag Studios can transform a photo that misses the mark into a must-see masterpiece.

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Orange Tag Studios was built on the foundation that web designers can do better. The web site development process should be collaborative and not intimidating. It should be enlightening and not frustrating. Business owners need to focus on what they do best and a web designer should help to create a platform that showcases this.

Founder of Orange Tag Studios, Brandon Blackford, has spent years perfecting the web design process accordingly. Brandon has always gravitated toward the creative arts while accelerating in the technical field of computer science. He takes great pride in creating digital storefronts for companies great and small....

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If you don't have short term goals that lead into fulfilling long term goals in your marketing plan... it isn't really a marketing plan.

Posted by Orange Tag Studios on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Copying and pasting content across your site isn't helping your Search Engine Optimization. Make sure that you are...

Posted by Orange Tag Studios on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Stop guess marketing. Do the footwork and start making educated decisions.

Posted by Orange Tag Studios on Thursday, June 18, 2020
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